Our IT placement and recruitment process is designed to help you, as an individual, find a job that fits your specific personality and preferred work environment. With an intricate procedure of matching your talent and financial range, we provide all of the resources needed for finding you a job, including:

• Resume Building
• Matching Personality and Skill Sets to Available Jobs
• Resume Submission
• Preparation for the Interview Process
• Negotiation of Salary with Potential Employers

We pride ourselves in helping consultants launch their successful career paths with VantagePro, and so even after you are hired, you can expect constant support throughout your time with us. We not only want to find you a job you will look forward to doing every day, but it is important that we place you in a team where you feel you belong.

Our IT recruitment specialists take great care in learning a myriad of information about you: both personal and business. This helps us match you with the best possible employer for both temporary and permanent IT positions.

We take the time to gain a full understanding of our clients’ business. Our extensive and in-depth placement process not only ensures that the requirements are met, but the candidate adds value to your corporate environment.

With an extensive and constantly updated database of candidates, we identify only those who meet and exceed your specific requirements. Our technical experts screen our candidates thoroughly to validate their level of expertise and experience.

We only present candidates who know the technology and are motivated to take initiative, ensuring an invaluable addition to your company.